In Response To The Street Stall, Our Craft Mini And Mobile Screen Protector Cutting Machine On Promotion Now

- Jun 09, 2020-

In response to the "street stall" and small store economy advocated by the state, we will promote our products suitable for the "street stall" economy. We have two products that are particularly suitable for street stall.

One is our craft mini, which can offer DIY t-shirt, DIY cap,DIY craft.

Another is our mobile screen protector cutting machine, which you can cut mobile screen protector on demand. 



Due to the impact of the new COVID-19, many economic physical stores have received a great impact. For the rapid recovery of the economy, the country’"street stall" economy can provide good entrepreneurship and employment opportunities. Our two products, especially cell phone film cutters, are particularly suitable for street stalls.

Our cell phone film cutter no limit of mobile screen brand, no limit of cutting times. No need keep much stock of mobile screen protector.  Fast profit. For more detail, please contact our sales teams freely.

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