1. Q :What’s your delivery time?

A: For order less than 100 pcs, the delivery time is 1 week. For order more than 100pcs, the delivery time is 2 weeks.

2. Q:What’s about the warranty?

A: For all the products, we offer 12 months warranty.

3. Q: Payment term?

A: 100% payment in advance before shipment.

4. Q: How about the training ?

A: We have full technical support team, we offer befor sales and after sales trainning for all our distributors.

5. Q:Can you do OEM ?

A: For order more than 100pcs, we can offer free OEM.

6. Q:Can you do ODM?

A: We have powerful R&D department, welcome to cooperat for ODM.

7. Q:Does MYCUT vinyl cutter can output from Coreldraw?

A: Yes, for MYCUT MK,MG,MH and MS vinyl cutters ,them can output from Coreldraw directly.

8. Q:Do you have professinal software for MYCUT vinyl cutter?

A:Yes, we have professinal software SIGNMASTER for our vinyl cutter to meet your needs.

9. Q: FOR 24’’ vinyl cutters, do you have floor stand?

A: For standard packing, 24’’ is without floor stand, but you can added floor stand for 24’’ vinyl cutter too.

10. Q:What meterial can you vinyl cutter cut?

A: For our normal vinyl cutter machines( max cutting force is 500g),can cut vinyl ,heat transfer film,reflective film. Our big force machines( max cutting force is 1000g) can cut 3M diamond refective film as well as other material.such as vinyl,reflective vinyl,twill,Paint mask,heat transfer,mylar,polyester,sand blast mask.

11. Q:What’s the cutting width for your machines?

A: For each series ,we have 4 sizes to choose. The max cutting width are 330mm,630mm,1200mm and 1500mm.

12  Q: What’s the color of your machines?

A: We have 4 colors available, gray,white,blue and red.Please tell us which color do you prefer in advance.

13.  Q: Do you have automatical contour machines?

A : Yes, our MG series vinyl cutter are automatical contour machines.

14. Q: Do you have red sensors for your machines?

A: For MK ,MH and MS vinyl cutters, red sensor is optional.

15. Q:Do I need to install drive for this machine?

A: If you connect MYCUT vinyl cutter to your computer via RS232 interface ,you don’t need to install any drive. If you connect MYCUT vinyl cutter to your computer via USB interface ,For all MK series ,you need to install the drive, you can get the drive from the products package,or you can download from our website too.

16: Q; I can’t install the drive on my computer? How can I solve this problem?

A: Please make sure you choose the right drive for your computer. In our CD we have drives for 32bit computer and 64bit computer.Please choose suitable one . If you choose the right one ,and can’t install the drive,please change the name of the drive on you local luanguage and install it again.

17.  Q:Can I use U flash disc for the machine or do I need to connect with my computer

A: For MK series ,you need to connect with your computer. For MH,MG and MS series vinyl cutter, them can work on U flash disc directly.

18. Q: Can I cut long length material ?

A: For our machines ,we can guarantee 5m paper feeding without deviation. For MGM series, we can guarantee 20 meters paper feeding without deviation.

19. Q:What certificate do you have?

A: All of our products we have CE certificate.