New Trend For Mobile Screen Protector And Screen Protector Cutting Machine

- Nov 09, 2020-

Looking at the mobile phone demand market, many users are looking for drop-resistant mobile phone cases, but few users are looking for mobile phone backs that are both drop-resistant, beautiful and scratch-resistant. The traditional tempered mobile phone membrane has a single style, and it may break during the landing or collision. With the progress of the times, traditional mobile phone films have been unable to meet the diverse and individual needs of young people for mobile phone films. Anti-shatter protector came into being with the demand of the market.

  In response to market demand, the mobile phone film cutting machine produced by our company (MYCUT mobile film cutter ) combined with market demand for data to realize online update of cloud servers, which has been well recognized by customers.

  Mobile phone film cutting machine (blade  film cutting machine) market advantages:

  1: Accumulate various types of finished mobile phone films for mobile phone store inventory. The inventory pressure is high. It may be that hundreds of types of mobile phone films need to be stocked. However, the update of mobile phone models is getting faster and faster with the demand. After the mobile phone is updated, the mobile phone The membrane inventory cannot be cleared.

  2: There are many models and requirements of customers. There are more than  eight thousand mobile phone models and requirements, which cannot be met by the traditional mobile phone film inventory of mobile phone shops. The mobile  film cutting machine is connected to the cloud server to achieve basically full coverage of mobile phone data. What style of mobile phone film is needed can be directly produced on-site, and the production can be completed in tens of seconds.

  3: Customers have different requirements for mobile phone films, and traditional mobile phone films cannot meet various special requirements. The new mobile phone films now include anti-peep film, anti-blue light film, anti-violet light film, mobile game film, high-definition mobile phone film, explosion-proof film, automatic repair film, etc. The pattern of the back film can be customized. The back film can cut various types of all-inclusive films, and this machine can be directly used to cut and engrave text patterns.

  4: Economical opening of the stalls, this machine is very suitable as stall equipment. All the machines have built-in water pumps, built-in air pumps, built-in exhaust, etc. You only need to connect the battery to the inverter to achieve mobile operation!



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