Craft Mini Cutter Signed An Indian Partner

- May 18, 2020-

                           Craft mini signed the partner agreement for  India market

craft mini small

          MYCUT  small mini-cutting machine craft mini signed the general agreement  for India market. 

          Our craft mini cutter, as an industrial-grade small plotter, was favored by customers when it was first launched on the market last year. Small plotter is huge in the existing market, and now the main brands are Cricut and Cameo. Cricut is an American brand, cameo and Cricut has a wide customer base because of its simplicity and ease of use in manual DIY. It is a very good choice for customers who are just getting started. However, as customers understand the industry, many customers have developed from personal hobbies to business models. At this time, higher requirements are placed on small cutting plotters mini cutters, such as higher precision and stability, and can work continuously for a long time. . Cricut and cameo are a bit lacking in this line, because they are more aimed at personal hobbies and beginners. The mycut CRAFT MINI uses the same parts as the large cutting machine, including the head of the sports car, the steel barbed shaft, and the aluminum alloy body. The overall structure is more rigid, and the accuracy of the machine will not change for a long time. Durable.


     As the largest market in India, customers most want to find cost-effective products. Craft mini will give them best choice.

    We are looking for partners worldwide. Warm welcome to be our partner team.



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