Lettering Is Typically Used When The Fault Happens (b)

- Nov 17, 2016-

◆Deviation phenomenon

1. Rates posted began no put are: 60cm of paper as put oblique 0.6mm, go paper 5 meters on will around run partial 5mm;

2. Table too dirty or has rates posted residual rubber, makes paper movement Shi sides by not balance of resistance, led to gradually produced oblique, caused around run partial; 

3. Pressure round wear deformation, or pressure round not paired, will caused around run partial, around pressure round should slightly tapered, around symmetric; 

4. Pressure round pressure partial small or two a pressure round pressure not supporting, paper easy by forces produced oblique, The need to adjust roller pressure; 

5. Sticky notes before and after weight range (such as a short before too long, and the carved figureof a more complex, can cause back, time to get a paper weight on the front end);

6. Deviation due to motor out of step (only occurs when the load is too heavy).

◆Lost step

1. Paper volume not release, and table too dirty has rates posted residual rubber, and belt too tight, and pressure round pressure too big, makes motor by had big of resistance; 

2. Power voltage too low; 

3. Speed too high, knife pressure too big, tip too long, paper drag have too long, empty drive speed too high; 

4. Drive circuit exception, please and dealer contact.

◆Two-tone engraved words, some local paper has been broken, but some local paper hasn't?

1. Tip out of the block was too long. Right way: Tip extension length should be adjusted to the paper thickness 2/3, guarantees high pressure also could you engrave damage and adjustable knife pressure, at all locations can be carved through the paper; 

2. Layering has been carved out of a trench, or the new layering post inequality, layering one side resting on the bench to form slope.

◆Some words will rot and black point

1. Tip out is too long; 

2. Cutter housings into the impurities in, tip rotation is not caused by the spirit of black point; 

3. Compensation of tip is too large.

◆Plotter why words are engraved lighter, light painting, line drawing is bent?

1. Knives or pen holder not clamped, that holder upwards gradually slip during theengraving process, the more lighter, 

2. Knives in the knife block is not in place, making it impossible in some parts of the tip enough to post 

3. Software output wireis bent or loose knife car, if the car is loose need to open the car door and adjustthe eccentric wheel just above close to guide.

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