Engraving Machine Maintenance

- Nov 17, 2016-

Many dealers sell machines that they sell the machines don't care, broken down tofix it. While carving machine maintenance is simple, replace the parts can be very convenient, but if bad maintenance, once a few months, while under warranty are not required to pay maintenance fees, but delays are not so good. So users shouldtry to guarantee good maintenance work, forced to carry out the repair. What users need to do some maintenance work? Following we on machine often for maintenance poor and appeared problem of place for simple of described: 

Car line cable: domestic machine more with similar tape of cable, user can with tape alternative, it in scroll in the is easy broken, so, user in heard this part has exception voice Shi should timely for adjustment, don't, it broken has only maintenance, this part General is not warranty of. 

Retainer: when a machine is initialized with the car in, move to the end stop. If the car continues to move and hit the machine description stopper problem, or retainer did not detect the car, may be the location of parts on the car did not meet the position stopper, this part can be fine-tuned. During initialization if the car did not move, usually due to too much dust cover meter part of the stopper, it will take more dust. 

Belt: this is also a no warranty accessories, usuallywill wish to have more teeth have worn on your belt, not too loose, not too tight. 

Knife: a knife block to change very often, once in a while you should use sewing machine oil lubrication bearing

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