Lettering Is Typically Used When The Fault Happens (a)

- Nov 17, 2016-

◆Lettering machines during operation, stop suddenly, according to the Panel, up, down, left, right keys or keys are unresponsive or offline during painting?

1. The software reinstall, output files of the same test, and note if there are error messages appear during the installation process, if you consider reloading the operating system; 

2. Replace the data cable, 

3. If not the above, could be problems motherboard memory chip, open the bottom cover and change to chips or 628128 232 chip or the motherboard.

◆Plotter cutting plotter dislocation, deformation?

1. Check the feed Rod hex screw is loose 

2. If still wrong, left open shell and then check the wheel for screws, as well as cracks on the timing belt, if there are problems, then replace it with new screws, or replace timing belt, 

3. Check whether the pressure wheel pressure evenly, if uneven, and replace.

◆Plotter cut an overlap?

1. Open the right side case, check whether the motor wheel to the right away fromthe axis, 502 glue, glued 

2. Check the belt for cracks or wear, replace it.

◆Plotter cutting plotter paper roll still?

1. Check if the motor is burned, burnt, the motherboard should be replaced, the motor and the power supply voltage; 

2. The feeder club paper jam or paper feed roller bearings bad, must be sent for repair.

◆Cutting plotter output?

1. Cutting plotter connector not connected to the computer, 

2. Cutting plotter is notonline; 

3. Cutting plotter output port is not set correctly or a problem with the computer's motherboard serial port, 

4. Engraving machine models are not correct at all times, 

5. Plotter and computer connection cable; 

6. Plotting software itself is noproblem, reinstall the system.

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