Considerations For Using Vinyl Cutter

- Nov 17, 2016-

Power supply AC 220V. 50Hz, joins power, first ensure that the power switch on the plotter in the disconnected position, then one end of the power cord into a vinylcutter outlet and the other end connected to a power outlet.

When not working, turn off the power first, and then unplug the power plug from the socket, do not plug in the power plug. When you plug the power plug, not toofast, so as not to damage the connectors.

Carving machine, the time interval to start the machine again should not be less than 30 seconds.

Join serial, parallel cable, ensure that the vinyl cutter power supply, computer power supply is in a disconnected state.

One end of the parallel cable (pin plug) connected to the computer's parallel Sockets, and the manual locking screw on the plug, plug locking outlet; the other end connected to the plotter Sockets in parallel, and parallel sockets on wire buckle used the plug and the socket firmly fastened.

One end of the serial cable (pin-plug) connected to the computer's serial socket, serial socket on the other end connected to the plotter and the manual locking screw on the plug, cables at both ends of the plugs are locked tight in the socket. Serial and parallel cables, either will work.

Installed in the nib of a pen knife rack with knife block height should be appropriate, adjusted according to the thickness of the material, if the tip is too long or too short, drawing quality cannot be guaranteed. To do this, you use the random drawing.

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