How To Install Vinyl Cutter

- Nov 17, 2016-

Carving machine installation steps are as follows:

1, Open the box, first clearing plotter fixed tape and the car crash;

2, Using the supplied power cable to connect the plotter and the power outlet;

3, Using the supplied communication cable connect the plotter and computer;

4, Insert a knife block or plotter car holder, tighten the fixing holder or pen holder;

5, Turn on the power;

6, Place media, put down the roller (Note: the roller should be at the media edge,and ensure no deviation from the work area);

7, Set parameter (computer section: a, select model; b, the selected port and set flow mode. Carving machine set a, set the coordinate origin; b, adjust the cutter depth, etc);

8, Cutting plotter from test;

9, Transmitted data over a computer engraving machine, normal output is ready.Now, you can send commands through a computer engraving work.

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