Laser Cutter Reduce Downtime And Increase Productivity

- Aug 02, 2017-

Laser Cutter in the cutting process, the auxiliary gas is essential! Which we often use oxygen and nitrogen, of course, the higher the purity of the gas, the quality of cutting will be better. There are many customers want to save the cost of using air cutting, but the cutting process to protect the lens is always water mist, cutting quality is poor, which is why?

First of all, give you universal, the role of auxiliary gas:

1. In order to blow away the residual residue, to achieve the cutting effect.

2. The use of gas to blow away the metal slag while protecting the lens, to avoid slag attached to the lens, affecting the cutting quality.

3. can effectively achieve the cutting surface smooth, no burrs without hanging residue effect, are fine cut off.

4. Can react with the material, increase the cutting speed, for example, the use of oxygen can achieve the effect of combustion.

So, in order to achieve a better cutting effect, the requirements of the auxiliary gas is relatively high! Although the air can be used as auxiliary gas, but because the air contains water and oil, if not treated, will cause the lens pollution, cutting head instability, so that the cutting effect and quality is not compliance. Therefore, in the use of air cutting, the need for fiber Laser Cutter equipped with cold and dry machine, so that a very good solution to this problem. The cold and dry machine can be forced to cool the compressed air below the required dew point temperature, which will contain a large number of water vapor, oil mist condensed into droplets, separated by gas and liquid, drained from the drainage machine, the compressed air drying.

 Laser Cutter in the work of how to choose the way, Laser Cutter according to the laser used and its different ways, Laser Cutter commonly used welding there are two, one is pulse laser welding, mainly for single point fixed continuous and The welding material of the book material is welded to form a round solder joint. The other is continuous laser welding. It is mainly used for the welding and cutting of large thick pieces. The welding process forms a continuous weld.

Laser Cutter in the welding process, the beam focus position is one of the most critical control process parameters, in a certain laser power and welding speed, only the focus in the position to get the maximum penetration and good weld shape.

Laser Cutter using laser welding has the following advantages:

1) Laser Cutter laser beam has a very high power density, resulting in welding speed, deformation is small, can be welded titanium, quartz and other difficult to weld the material;

2) Laser Cutter beam easy to transfer and control, no need to replace the torch, nozzle, etc., to reduce downtime and improve production efficiency.

3) Laser Cutter cooling speed, high weld strength, good overall performance.

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