Camera Scan Contour Cut Vinyl Cutter

Camera Scan Contour Cut Vinyl Cutter

Camera Scan ,multi-marks automatic contour cut.

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Product Details

Product Details

Product Description                                                                                               MC.pngFeature of MYCUT MC vinyl cutter                                                                        

Cutting Plotter MC Series

1      Camera Scan ,multi-marks, automatic contour cut.

2      Optional 1000g high force to cut strong 3M reflective film.Normal force to cut different materials. Such as sticker, car sticker, war sticker, reflective film and some others.

3      Max cutting speed 800 mm/s.

4      High precision steel roller: guaranteed 8 meters without deviation of paper feeding.MYCUT all machine adopt this way, to make all our machines with high precision.

5      Support cut 1.5mm small letters without distortion

6      High performance 32-bit processor with ARM Cortex-M3

7.    If you already have eco-solvent printer, please choose our MC1200 or MC1500. Because with those two size,you can cutting while printing with your printer. To save time and labor.

Picture of MYCUT MC vinyl cutter                                                                         

camera scan mycut.png

MC Detail


Please refer to the following video:

If before when you do contour cut but have some problem when scan the marks, please choose mycut MC sereis ,camera scan cutting plotter.

Because we are the vinyl cutter manufacture.If you are looking for OEM supplier,MYCUT professional team will be at service for you.

Huansheng Machinery is one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of MYCUT Vinyl Cutter 2ft Artcut Coreldraw Output Directly in China, which is equipped with a productive and professional factory. As a famous brand, you can rest assured to buy our equipment.

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