Laser Cutter Pay Attention To Maintenance And Maintenance

- Oct 25, 2017-

Laser Cutter is the metal processing industry, the more common mechanical processing equipment, and many people in the purchase of Laser Cutter, do not know the Laser Cutter in fact need to rely on a lot of auxiliary equipment to complete the processing, air compressor is One of its auxiliary equipment, because many companies on the role of air compressor is not deep, not to be taken seriously, often cut the Laser Cutter product quality has a great impact. So how much is the air compressor for Laser Cutter in the end? How is it maintained?

Laser Cutter in the processing time, must use the protective gas, the air is of course a simple and economical protection of the gas, and the role of air compressor is a part of compressed air and high purity oxygen and high purity nitrogen to provide cutting gas to the cutting head, Part of the supply as a power source to the clamping table cylinder, followed by a part of the optical system used to purge dust, compressed air from the air through the gas tank and dryer into the gas control cabinet, and then through a set of precision Of the treatment system, into a clean and dry gas, and finally divided into three, respectively, as a cutting gas, cylinder power and light path positive pressure dust to maintain the normal operation of Laser Cutter, so the air compressor is the laser cutting equipment Indispensable, for Laser Cutter is also very important

Laser Cutter equipment precision, so in the operation must pay attention to maintenance, and usually pay attention to maintenance and maintenance can increase the service life of the equipment, cost savings and create greater benefits.

Laser Cutter in the cutting process, the auxiliary gas is essential! Which we commonly used with oxygen and nitrogen, of course, the higher the purity of the gas, cutting quality will be better. There are many customers want to save the cost of using air cutting, but the cutting process to protect the lens is always water mist, cutting quality is poor, which is why?

First of all, give you universal, the role of auxiliary gas:

1. In order to blow away the residual residue, to achieve the cutting effect.

2. The use of gas to blow away the metal slag while protecting the lens, to avoid slag attached to the lens, affecting the quality of cutting.

3. Can effectively achieve the cutting surface smooth, no burrs without hanging residue effect, are fine cut off.

4. Can react with the material to increase the cutting speed, for example, the use of oxygen can achieve the effect of combustion.

So, in order to achieve a better cutting effect, the requirements of the auxiliary gas is relatively high! Although the air can be used as auxiliary gas, but because the air contains water and oil, if not treated, will cause the lens pollution, cutting head instability, so that the cutting effect and quality is not up to standard. Therefore, in the use of air cutting, the need for fiber Laser Cutter equipped with cold and dry machine, so that a very good solution to this problem. The cold and dry machine can be forced to cool the compressed air below the required dew point temperature, which will contain a large number of water vapor, oil mist condensed into droplets, separated by gas and liquid, discharged from the machine, the compressed air drying.

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