Woodworking Engraving Machine Smooth Operation, Excellent Performance, High Precision Carving, Beautiful Products

- Oct 25, 2017-

Woodworking engraving machine can be used for processing wood, copper, aluminum, etc. It is widely used in carpentry, advertising, mold and other industries. Woodworking engraving machine is characterized by smooth operation, excellent performance, high precision engraving, beautiful products, such as mass production. Compared to the traditional hand-carved, woodworking engraving machine use, significant savings in manpower, improve production efficiency and reduce costs. In order to make woodworking engraving function really play the effect, the choice of tool is very important. Woodworking engraving machine tool selection based on the following four points

1, processing materials: cutting the object is solid wood (soft material, hard wood, etc.) or wood composite materials (particleboard, blockboard, glued material, etc.), some also through single or double veneer decoration treatment. In the case of

2, the direction of cutting: the direction of cutting can be divided into vertical, horizontal, vertical and horizontal, and so on

3, the direction of the tool rotation and feed: According to these directions to confirm the direction of the tool tilt. In the case of

4, processing surface roughness, size, shape.

Woodworking engraving machine as a mechanical equipment, has its own characteristics, as the machine operator, how to master these features on the day-to-day operation of the machine to provide protection is very important, so familiar with the daily maintenance of woodworking engraving machine is the machine operator A request.

First, the regular inspection of woodworking machine parts of the machine screws whether there is loosening phenomenon.

Second, regular cleaning wood carving machine electrical box inside the dust, check the terminal screws are loose, to ensure the circuit safe and reliable.

Third, if the long-term use of woodworking engraving machine, should be regular weekly air refueling, preferably for each week to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system.

Fourth, the requirements of woodworking engraving machine for 10 hours / day or less; to ensure that the cooling water and the normal operation of the pump, water cooling spindle motor must not be the phenomenon of water shortage, regular replacement of cooling water to prevent water temperature is too high, Circulating water as much as possible, you can change large capacity water tank.

Fifth, each time the use of woodworking engraving machine is completed, pay attention to clean up, must be platform and transmission system on the dust clean up; regular transmission system X, Y, Z three-axis lubrication refueling.

Sixth, the operator is in the operation of woodworking engraving machine to wear dust masks and protective glasses, in order to avoid the dust generated when processing into the human body, causing discomfort.

Seventh, choose woodworking engraving machine is to choose a large brand of woodworking engraving machine, such as resistance engraving engraving machine, this brand engraving machine machine itself may be attached to a single vacuum and dust collection device.

Eighth, woodworking engraving machine routine maintenance methods to woodworking engraving machine with a certain dust and dust removal device, select the use of dust removal equipment.

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