CNC Router Strong Adaptability And Flexibility

- Oct 25, 2017-

CNC Router cutting with high-speed, high efficiency, compared with the traditional milling machine cutting, CNC Router cutting tool on the higher requirements of milling tool rigidity, strength, durability and installation of adjustment methods will directly affect the work of cutting Efficiency; tool itself, precision, dimensional stability will directly affect the workpiece machining accuracy and surface processing quality, the rational use of cutting tools is also an important part of CNC machining process.

1, parts of the processing of strong adaptability, flexibility, and can shape the contour shape is particularly complex or difficult to control the size of the parts, such as mold parts, shell parts, etc .;

2, can be processed ordinary machine can not be processed or difficult to process the parts, such as the mathematical model described in the complex curve parts and three-dimensional surface parts of the surface;

3, can be processed once fixture positioning, the need for multi-channel processing of the parts;

4, the processing of high precision, stable and reliable processing quality, numerical control device pulse equivalent is generally 0.001mm, high-precision CNC system up to 0.1μm, in addition, CNC machining also avoid the operator's operational errors;

5, a high degree of automation, can reduce the operator's labor intensity. Is conducive to production management automation;

6, high production efficiency, CNC Router generally do not need to use special fixtures and other special equipment, in the replacement of the workpiece only need to call stored in the CNC device processing procedures, clamping tools and adjust the tool data can be, thus greatly reducing the production cycle. Second, CNC Router with milling machine, boring machine, drilling machine function, so that a high degree of concentration, greatly improving the production efficiency. In addition, the CNC Router spindle speed and feed speed are stepless speed, it is conducive to select the cutting amount;

There are many types of CNC machine tools, various types of CNC machine tools because of its function, structure and system of different, with different characteristics. The contents and rules of its maintenance also have their own characteristics, the specific should be based on its machine type, model and actual use, and refer to the machine instruction manual requirements, develop and establish the necessary regular, grading maintenance system. Here are some common, common routine maintenance points.

 1) strictly abide by the operating procedures and routine maintenance system

2) should be as little as possible to open the cabinet and the cabinet

In the air of the machine shop, there are usually oil mist, dust and even metal powder. Once they fall on the circuit board or electronic device in the CNC system, it is easy to cause the insulation resistance between the components to fall, and even cause the components and the circuit board to be damaged The Some users in the summer in order to make the CNC system can be overloaded long-term work, to open the CNC cabinet door to heat, this is a very undesirable method, which will eventually lead to accelerated damage to the CNC system.

3) regular cleaning of the control cabinet cooling ventilation system

It should be checked whether the cooling fans on the CNC cabinet are working properly. Every six months or quarterly check once the duct filter is blocked, if the dust accumulation on the filter too much, not timely cleaning, will cause the temperature inside the CNC cabinet is too high. In the case of

4) Periodic maintenance of the input / output devices of the CNC system

80 years ago, the production of CNC machine tools, mostly with photoelectric tape reader, if the read part of the pollution, will lead to read the information error. For this reason, the optical reading machine must be maintained as specified.

5) DC motor brush regularly check and replace

DC motor brush transition wear, will affect the performance of the motor, and even cause damage to the motor. For this purpose, the motor brush should be checked and replaced regularly. CNC lathes, CNC Routers, machining centers, etc., should be checked once a year. In the case of

6) Replace the storage battery regularly

General digital control system within the CMOS RAM memory device with rechargeable battery maintenance circuit to ensure that the system is not energized during the time to maintain its memory content. In general, even if it has not yet failed, it should be changed once a year to ensure that the system is working properly. Replacement of the battery should be in the state of the CNC system power supply to prevent the replacement of RAM when the information is lost. In the case of

7) Maintenance of spare circuit board

Spare printed circuit board for a long time when not in use, should be regularly installed to the CNC system running for some time to prevent damage.

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