Mycut Mobile Screen Protector Cutter Give New Solution For Mobile Skin Industry

- Mar 20, 2020-

          During last 3 years, Laser film cutting machine is very popular in the mobile phone film cutting machine market. It should be a very good choice for tempered film.

With the development of science and technology, the hydraulic film has gradually gained market favor, and the update of materials has also brought about changes in tools.

Laser cutter or blade cutter? It's a multiple choice question in front of customers.

Now let ’s compare the two methods.

Disadvantages of laser film cutter

  1. Smoke is generated during work, which has a certain impact on the environment

  2. Laser cutting is a more dangerous way, which is easy to cause harm to people.

  3. The cutting accuracy is not high, and it is prone to sawtooth when cutting small gardens.

Advantage of MYCUT mobile skin cutter

  1. High machine accuracy, small holes, small circle effect 

  2. Easy working , safe, can work anywhere

  3. Stable. Only need change blade after 400 cutting times.

We believe that the cutter film cutting machine will bring new solutions to the screen protector industry.


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