MYCUT Met Signmaster Team To Discuss About New Functions

- Apr 16, 2018-

MYCUT have been cooperated with Signmster for more than 2 years.This time, signmaster team visited MYCUT, we discussed further to improve the functions about signmaster.How to give customers better user experience ,how to make it easy for new customers to use it. Since MYCUT have improved all it's automatic contour cut cutter into multi-marks automatic contour cut cutting plotter. So we hope signmaster will focus on this too.Signmaster need to offer more videos about how to do contour cut ,how to edit in software. 

MYCUT in Shanghai.jpg   MYCUT 04.jpg 

For example, if we printed 10 meters file, and added 10 marks with signmaster. When we use mycut vinyl cutter cut half of it, suddenly it power off, what can we do? Now it's no problem .We can set in software from which marks we want to start..

Here is the demo signmaster, you can download the demo one to test the function:

signmaster demo_mycut.jpg

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