Difference Between Hydrogel TPU Film And Tempered Glass Film

- May 08, 2020-

Many high-end mobile phone brand manufacturers will equip customers with an original film when they leave the factory, such as Iphone , Huawei and  Sansung. The original film is a high-definition soft film, while the tempered film is a hard glass film. High-definition film is the most common ordinary tempered film, and most of them use this type. It has full-screen and half-screen, and there are eye protection and anti-blue light versions. Its advantage is that it is cheap, and its disadvantage is that it is fragile, and it is also easy to stick fingerprints to affect the visual effect.

soft film for iphone

The frosted and tempered film is not as common as the first one, and it is slightly more expensive than the first one. Its advantage is that it has better anti-fingerprint effect, but its disadvantages are also very serious. It will greatly reduce the screen display effect you see. It may be the same as you are used to. Advantages: good hand feel, high-definition and translucent, no fingerprints left, like using bare metal when using mobile phones. Disadvantages: It is not resistant to falling, and it is easy to produce scratches. It is complicated to operate during the filming process and has a one-time use. The toughness and wear resistance of tempered glass is very good, although the light transmission is not as good as the high permeability film, but it is also good. And the price is very cheap, you can buy two on Taobao for about 10 yuan, and you can also send a transparent protective cover or something. The disadvantage is that it is generally thick and affects the feel.

Apply a layer of adhesive on the back and a layer of anti-fingerprint and oleophobic layer on the surface to improve the feel. Worrying about not being able to paste the full screen of 2.5d glass, there is also a full screen tempered film with black and white edges to choose from.


Steel film advantages: anti-fall, can protect the mobile phone screen, will not leave scratches, simple operation, can be repeatedly removed. Disadvantages: easy to break, feel bad, will leave fingerprints. In general, the two membranes have their own advantages. When you choose which one to use, it depends on which aspect of experience and pursuit you care about more. The tempered film is essentially a layer of tempered glass.

Another important difference is that HD soft film ,Hydrogel TPU film,can be cut by MYCUT intellegent film cutting machine, mobile screen protector cutter to cut, while tempered glass film generally requires laser cutting.

Now you can choose the suitable mobile screen protector as you like.

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