Cutting Machine Frequently Occurring Problems

- Apr 11, 2019-


Cutting machine Frequently occurring problems

First, the pressure roller appears

◎ With moving paper: the pressure is too high (using two pressure rollers).

◎ Paper deviation: the paper is not upright, the pressure of the pressure roller is not uniform, use three pressure paper holders, one on the left, and the two on the right are pressed together.

◎ Pressing paper handle is broken: replace the new handle.

◎ The paper holder cannot move on the guide rail: the pressure contact between the paper holder and the guide rail is lubricated.

◎ Can not hold the paper: the pressure is small, the pressure wheel apron wears.

Second, the power part

◎ On and off when starting up: Poor contact between power supply paper and power outlet.

◎ Booting does not power on: fuse tube burn; elastic copper sheet in the fuse sleeve is deformed; power supply is bad.

◎ The function indicator on the keypad is not lit: the second board is broken. The function keys are not flexible: the keys are broken or the button connections are loose.


◎ Do not reset after power on: If the reset switch is broken, replace the reset circuit board, when the plotter is to the left, do not stop and hit the side plate, the reset switch is broken, replace the reset circuit board.

◎ The paper feed shaft does not move: the paper feed shaft motor is broken or the paper feed shaft drive chip 3955 is burnt.


Third, chaotic

◎ The cable is broken.

◎ Microcomputer COM port is broken.

◎ The motherboard is broken or the MAX232 is bad on the motherboard.

◎ The last time the word was not closed, it was illegally shut down.

◎ Material setting and output length and width are inconsistent.

◎ The new computer space is too large, and several sets of software are installed.

◎ The shaft is not grounded and static electricity is disturbed.

◎ Wentai software clicks on the engraved output and appears “set” (upper right corner), and flows control in the setting port.

(1) Select DTR/DSR and RST/CTS(2) to select XON/XOFF.


Third, no output

◎ The cable is broken.

◎ The motherboard is broken, or the MAX202 on the motherboard is bad.

◎ Microcomputer COM port is broken.

◎ The port setting is wrong.

◎ The master of engraving did not add a dongle.

◎ The equipment is selected incorrectly.

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Fourth, the appearance of sawtooth

◎ The rotation of the knife is not enough.

◎ The drawing method is selected in the software.

◎ The compensation parameters, closing parameters and precision in the output parameters will be affected.

◎ The internal bearing rotation of the tool holder itself is not strong enough.

◎ The fonts in the font are not the same.


Five, carved part

◎ Some strokes or words cannot be removed: the bead is damaged or the knife is not rotated well.

◎ The left and right ends are different in depth: the guide rail is not flat, and the one end is high and the end is low.

◎ Definition 3 meters to engrave 2 meters: Wentai software in the compensation settings within the limit once output length is set.

◎ The knife pressure is different in the engraving process: electrostatic interference, using the shaft grounding method.


Sixth, the software part

Wentai runs under Windows 2000 or Windows XP and plots the parameters that were changed at the time of output.

◎ Find "My Computer", right click -> Properties -> Hardware -> Hardware Device Manager -> End

Port (COM)—>COM1—>Port Settings—>Flow Control—>XON/XOFF—> OK. If there is COM2, the same law will

The flow control in COM2 is changed to XON/XOFF.

◎ Enter Wentai engraving and switch the page to the engraved output page. Locate the "Settings" -> Port Settings -> Streaming Control -> XON / XOFF and RTS / CTS in the upper right corner of the page, hit the "checkmark" in the front box, and remove the "checkmark" in front of DTR/DSR -> OK.

Cutting plotter maintenance advice

1. Please read the instruction manual of the cutting plotter carefully before using the cutting plotter.

2. During the use of the cutting plotter, please avoid using high-powered appliances around (such as: cutting machine, machine

Bed, etc.).

3. The input power of the cutting plotter should have a reliable grounding point. Please use a non-relay type regulated power supply of more than 1 kW.

4. The booting sequence of the cutting plotter and the computer is the computer behind the cutting plotter. In the case of booting, please do not

Plug in the signal cable to prevent damage to the cutting plotter.

5. Please keep the cutting plotter clean. After using for a period of time, please clean the pressure roller. When the cutting strip of the cutting plotter is obviously scored, please replace it immediately. Failure to do so may cause inconvenience to your use.

6. During use, the knives should not be exposed too long, and the knife pressure should not be too large, which may damage the embossing, so as to be able to penetrate the instant stickers as the best. When not in use, please return the knife to the knife holder to prevent damage to your knife.

7. When you need to draw small characters (especially below 1cm), it is recommended that you use slow speed to draw the best results.

8. Please choose the best quality knives and sticky notes as much as possible to get a smoother drawing process.

9. If you encounter other problems during use, please contact our dealer immediately.



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