M300 Digital Die-cutting

M300 Digital Die-cutting

Automatic contour Digital Die-cutting cutter, with feeding and rewinding system.

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Product Details

Product Details

Product Description                                                                                                    

Model:                        High speed multi function digital die cutting machine K300

Feeding width Minimum:     Minimum80mm, Maximum420mm

Cuttting length:         Maximum300M

Cutting material:        Cooper paper, PVC, PET, Heat press roll paper

Cutting pressure:       0-1200g

Repeat Precision:       + 0.1mm

Cutting Width:           80~280mm die cutting、80--320mm simple cutting

Direct line speed:       0-800mm/s((1-3 seconds/label))

Machine size:             1100*70*600(L*W*H)

Electrical parameter:   Voltage to be 220V(110V chosable) Frequency (50/60V)

                                      Power to be 660W


Feature of MYCUT MC300 Digital Die-cutting                                                              

1.     Automatic contour cutting

2.    With feeding and rewinding system

3.    Servo motor, fast and work in quiet.

4.    Can work with U-disc directly.

Digital Die-cut Cutter Plotter

Efficient Automatic Contour Cut Prototype 

CPU: 64bit DSP 128M Flash Servo Motor, No Noise working

Paper Feeding Size: Max420mm Min 80mm

Max Cutting Width/Length: 300mm/300m 

Max Line Cutting Speed: 1000mm/s Max Curve 

Cutting Speed: 800mm/s 

Cutting Force: 0-1200g adjustable Repetition

Precision: 0.082

Automatic Waste Collection Saving time and Labor Rotate 

Speed: 0-3500RPM Higher Precision to cut 

Machine Precision: 0.012mm/pulse

Positioning Accuracy: 0.1-0.3mm More data Direct USB/U-disc link 

Power: 25W 

Net weight: 85KG  

Main Advantages:

1. No need die cutting mold 

2. Design as you want and easier to contour cut any shape in CorelDraw 

3. Adjustable cutting force and speed, to cut different materials, stable ARMS sensor working to contour cut.

4. Automatic Waste Collection and Saving time and Labor after cutting

5. Widely use to cut vinyl, synthetic paper, PP, PET film etc. 

6. Fast speed No noise cutting and can work with any brand label printer 

7. Touch screen operation, easier to set data and output

8. Direct USB/U-disc no need link with computer 

9. High accuracy machine and competitive price in market

Picture of MYCUT MC300 Digital Die-cutting                                                               M300模切机03

plotter de corte









Together with EPSON GP-C832 printer, we can offer one-stop solution of digital color label. 


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