CNC Router High And Efficient

- Oct 10, 2017-

CNC Router has high speed and high efficiency, and compared with traditional milling machine, CNC Router has higher requirement for cutting tool, and the rigidity, strength, durability and installation adjustment method of milling tool will directly affect the working efficiency of cutting machining. The precision of the tool itself, Dimensional stability will directly affect the workpiece machining accuracy and surface processing quality, the rational selection of cutting tools is also an important part of the NC machining process.

Milling cutter rigidity is better. First, it is necessary to use large cutting quantity in order to improve production efficiency, and the other is to adjust the cutting dosage in the process of CNC Router. When the machining allowance of the workpiece varies widely, it is easy to adopt a layered milling method to solve the problem in general Milling machine. and NC milling must be according to the procedure prescribed by the path forward, encountered a large margin can not like the general milling machine as "improvise", unless in the program can be considered in advance, otherwise the milling cutter must return to the original point, The method of changing cutting surface height or increasing the compensation value of tool radius is processed from scratch and several knives are used. But this is bound to cause less margin of the place often go to empty knives, reduce the production efficiency, such as the tool rigidity is better do not do so.

The durability of the milling cutter is high. Especially when a milling cutter has a lot of content, if the tool is not durable and wear faster, it will affect the workpiece surface quality and processing accuracy, and will increase the number of knives and knives caused by the knife, will also make the work surface left by the knife error to form the access to the steps, reducing the surface quality of the workpiece.

1 The milling cutter with indexable carbide inserts is mainly used for milling plane, the diameter of milling cutter in coarse milling is smaller, the diameter of milling cutter is larger, when the machining allowance is large and the allowance is uneven, the diameter of the cutter is smaller, otherwise, the machining quality of the workpiece will be affected by the knife blade too deep.

2 high-speed steel milling cutter is used for processing convex table and groove. If the processing allowance is small and the surface roughness is higher, the end face milling cutter with cubic boron nitride blade or inlaid ceramic blade can be selected.

3 when machining the workpiece with three-dimensional curved surface or variable bevel contour, the ball-end milling cutter, annular milling cutter, drum-shaped milling cutter, conical milling cutter and disc-shaped milling cutter are often used.

4 rough surface or hole roughing, can be selected with cemented carbide corn milling cutter for strong cutting.

Selection of tool for hole machining

1 NC machine tool hole machining generally no drilling die, because the drill bit rigidity and cutting conditions, the selection of bit diameter D should meet the L/D≤5 (l for drilling depth) conditions.

2 before drilling, use center drilling to ensure the positioning accuracy of hole machining.

3 in the boring should be used as far as possible to choose the symmetrical multi-blade boring head for cutting to balance the radial force, reduce boring vibration.

4 Choose the thicker and shorter cutter to reduce the cutting vibration.

5 The fine hinge hole may choose the floating reamer, the hinge hole front hole mouth must chamfer.

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