Advertising Engraving Machine Strengthen Business, Technical Training

- Jun 22, 2017-

Advertising Engraving Machine of advertising engraving machine is a very important and positive work. As the name suggests, the so-called Advertising Engraving Machine, it is necessary to pay attention to the equipment may cause failure and failure to solve the factors that are difficult to solve before the failure occurred, to minimize or delay the CNC advertising engraving machine failure.

A good advertising engraving machine is often expensive, so how to maintain after the purchase is very important. Which in the professional maintenance and simple maintenance and there is a big difference.

1. The correct use of advertising engraving machine: CNC advertising engraving machine is the correct use of advertising engraving machine to reduce the failure to extend the life of the key, it plays an important role in Advertising Engraving Machine. According to statistics, one-third of the failures are man-made, and general maintenance (such as oiling, cleaning, inspection, etc.) is carried out by the operator, the solution is: emphasis on equipment management, use and maintenance awareness, Business, technical training, improve the quality of operators, so that they can grasp the performance of CNC machine tools as soon as possible, strict implementation of equipment operating procedures and maintenance procedures to ensure that equipment is running in a reasonable working condition.

2. Operators daily inspection: the operator is a direct advertising machine engraving machine users, in order to ensure the normal operation of CNC advertising engraving machine, requiring CNC advertising engraving machine operators should perform the following daily: Check all the protective plate, And whether the door operation is appropriate, step by step through the axis of each stroke, observe whether the operation is smooth, ensure that all axes of the limit switch to work and adjust to the appropriate limit position, check the rails are scratched or excessive wear , Check the rail cleaner is not damaged, touch the rail to check the lubrication is appropriate.

3. Rear inspection equipment: According to the advanced nature of CNC advertising engraving machine, the complexity and the characteristics of high intelligence, making it maintenance and maintenance work more complex than ordinary equipment and high demand. Maintenance personnel should pass the regular tour inspection, such as CNC system exhaust fan operation, cabinets, motor fever, whether there is abnormal sound or smell, pressure gauge instructions are normal, the pipeline and joints for leaks, lubrication status Good, etc., and actively do a good job failure and accident prevention, if found abnormal should be resolved in time, it is possible to eliminate the fault in the state of the teeth, which can reduce all the inevitable loss.

These are more professional maintenance of knowledge, in practice, taking into account the problems in this regard, can effectively play a role in extending the life of advertising engraving machine, in the economic interests to maximize.

Engraving machine application classification

Computer engraving machine has two types of laser engraving and mechanical engraving, both of which have high power and low power points. Because the scope of application of the engraving machine is very wide, it is necessary to understand the most suitable range of applications for various engraving machines:

1, badge: low-power laser engraving machine (engraved chapter machine), high-power or low-power computer engraving machine;

2, the building model: large, low-power computer engraving machine;

3, metal (mold, chapter, etc.) processing: large, low-power computer engraving machine (high power for each cutting more and save time);

4, crystal word production: high-power laser engraving machine (50W or more), high-power mechanical engraving machine;

5, wood, plexiglass, artificial stone and other signs production: high-power mechanical engraving machine;

6, display, exhibition model production: high-power, large format mechanical engraving machine.

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