New ccd camear contour cut pluginin for coreldraw

- May 28, 2020-

Here is the link of guide video.

Included the following

  1. Install coreldraw plugin 

  2. Activate the coreldraw plugin ( deactiviate the same)

  3. create contour line in coreldraw

  4. create or delete marks

  5. narmal cut from coreldraw directly

  6. contour cut from coreldraw with mycut MC series

  7. setting

  8. revise cut sequence

  9. composing

  10. uninstall

MYCUT MC, CY,and craft mini all use CCD camera for automatic contour cut . Now can use coreldraw plugin , and output from coreldraw directly. No need dongle, the PSN code can activate 3 computers.

If you don't like the software signmaster, you can change your signmaster into coreldraw plugin.

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