Woodworking Engraving Machine Clean Up To Be Convenient And Efficient

- Jul 04, 2017-

First, the Woodworking Engraving Machine running time should be 10 hours a day or less, the case of water-cooled spindle to ensure that the cooling water and the normal operation of the pump, the spindle motor must not be the phenomenon of water shortage, regular replacement of cooling water to prevent water temperature Too high If the temperature in the working environment is too low, the water inside the tank can be replaced with antifreeze.

Second, every time the use of Woodworking Engraving Machine, pay attention to clean up, be sure to clean the platform and the transmission system dust, regular (weekly) on the transmission system (X, Y, Z three-axis) lubrication refueling. (Note: X, Y, Z three-axis light rod with oil for maintenance; Ding Chong CNC equipment production machines are equipped with manual oiling system, the operation is very convenient, screw part of the high-speed butter; winter if the working environment temperature is too low screw , Rails (square rails or circular rails) should be cleaned with gasoline and then added to the oil, otherwise it will cause the CNC Woodworking Engraving Machine part of the resistance is too large and lead to machine dislocation, thereby affecting the carving accuracy and speed.

Third, the Woodworking Engraving Machine electrical maintenance inspection, we must cut off the power, until the monitor without display and the main circuit power indicator light extinguished before proceeding.

Fourth, the machine should not be placed in a wet place, to choose a good place to ventilate, can not be exposed.

Fifth, regular maintenance, cleaning screw, rotating parts and tracks to drip lubricants often to ensure the efficient completion of the machine rotation, mobile tasks, reduce wear and tear.

Six, not because of the habit of often use the side of the engraving machine to work, to have the purpose of rotation on both sides of the work, so to prevent the screw, guide rail for a long time without contact with the beam can not be reasonable lubrication.

Seven, every day before work to check the control chassis, machine lines are loose, whether mixed problems. Prolonged use of whether the lead skin wear caused by leakage. Security is the most important thing.

Eight, because the engraving machine is working together dust larger machinery, so at least every week to clean up the machine at the corners of the gap. Conditional, then it is best to buy a pump, so clean up to be convenient and efficient.

Nine, the machine on the table do not place debris, corrosive or can interfere with the work of the magnetic material. To prevent some of the accessories due to magnetization interfere with the normal operation of the machine.

10, engraving machine power consumption is generally relatively large, so to configure a regulator to ensure ground to ground.

11, the machine connected to the computer and the network to work with the computer separately, CD-ROM software also try to use regular software, to avoid the virus on the computer and the machine to attack and affect the work.

Factors that affect the quality of the grinding surface: As the grinding speed increases, the height of the grinding surface roughness decreases, the greater the feed rate of the workpiece, the unevenness of the machined surface decreases, the surface roughness decreases, and the abrasive grain size The smaller the grinding surface roughness, the grinding pressure increases, the grinding depth increases and the grinding surface quality decreases.

Woodworking Engraving Machine tool to wood fluff has also been affected by many factors, such as the blade point of view; blade into the corner; spindle accuracy; bearing wear; workpiece feed stability, is not able to think about large surface or loading And so on. But in general, mostly by the carpenter knife edge blunt, cut the amount caused by excessive. Most of the low-density wood-based panel is the high incidence of burrs, the use of appropriate tools, set the optimal carpenter mechanical equipment parameters, equipment and tools to do the usual protection is to make the wood cutting lubrication appearance.

1. Woodworking Engraving Machine to do the processing of acrylic cutting, recommended the use of single-edged helical cutter, wood processing is characterized by smokeless and tasteless, fast, high efficiency, non-stick, the real environmental protection, and its special manufacturing process to ensure that the processing of pressure grams Force not burst mouth, very fine knife pattern (even without knife), smooth and smooth surface. Processing surface to achieve frosted effect, it is recommended to use double-edged three-edged helical cutter.

2. Woodworking Engraving Machine to do MDF cutting, recommend the use of double-edged chip chip cutter, it has two high-capacity chip flute, double-edged design, not only has a good chip removal function, but also very good Of the tool balance, in the processing of high density board, not black, no hats smoke, long life and so on.

3. Woodworking Engraving Machine to do aluminum cutting processing, recommend the use of single-edged aluminum with milling cutter. The process of non-stick knife, fast, high efficiency.

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