The Mobile Phone Industry Under The COVID-19

- Jun 12, 2020-

With further reshuffling in 2019, the domestic mobile phone market is showing a pattern of super-multi-power. The Huawei family alone accounts for nearly half of the market share, Xiaomi OV and Apple share the other half, and other brands are gradually in the other. far. 

Mobile 5G

After the time comes to 2020, all major manufacturers want to rely on the advent of the 5G replacement wave to accelerate their 5G penetration and reshape the market pattern. However, the outbreak of the new crown virus epidemic quickly disrupted the new products of mobile phone manufacturers. The plan, while bringing a fatal impact on the offline market, also makes the inflection point of the entire industry more blurred.

mobile model

Due to the downturn in the mobile phone industry, changing phones is not as good as before, and we can protect our phones better. The protective film has also been upgraded from the previous toughened film to the current hydraulic film or flexible glass film, which has a better feel, especially for game enthusiasts, the control is stronger and the touch is more sensitive. The mobile phone film cutting machine brought also has been upgraded from the previous laser film cutting machine to the current MYCUT mobile phone film cutting machine.

Previously only PROTECTIONPRO, now we provide customers with more choices.


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