Right Way To Use And Precautions Of MYCUT Cutting Plotter

- Mar 20, 2019-

Right way to use and precautions of MYCUT cutting plotter

The MYCUT cutting plotter is rarely seen in life. Although it seems to be easy to operate, users often ignore some details and affect the use. Today, MYCUT plotter manufacturers will analyze in detail how to use the cutting plotter properly and the problems that should be paid attention to during use:

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How to use the MYCUT cutting plotter correctly

1. First connect the cutting plotter to the power socket using the power cable.

2. After successfully connecting the computer plotter and the power supply, randomly select a communication cable to connect the cutting plotter to the computer.

3. After successfully connecting all the devices, turn on the power of the outlet.

4. After the power supply of the seat, insert the cutting knife of the cutting plotter or the special drawing pen into the carving tool holder of the cutting plotter.

5. After the lettering knife or drawing pen is placed successfully, the special medium is placed in the cutting plotter. The medium of the cutting plotter includes reflective film, wall sticker, sticker, paper and kraft paper.

6, after the good placement of the media of the cutting plotter, the corresponding settings of the cutting plotter parameters, you need your own coordinate origin, the speed of the cutting knife, and the pressure intensity to set accordingly, when you start to use, try to Perform low speed drawing.

7. After setting the relevant parameters of the cutting plotter, start the trial operation. First, press the offline button of the computer plotter, and then press the accelerator button and the deceleration button of the computer plotter at the same time, so that the computer plotter will automatically perform the trial operation, which will perform self-test and engrave graphics.

8, using the computer to transfer data, after the completion of the transfer, start the lettering and drawing operations. After waiting for a while, the engraving and drawing operation of the computer cutting plotter can be completed.

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