Principle Of Laser Cutting Machine

- Nov 18, 2016-

Laser is a light, as with natural light, is made up of atoms (molecules or ions) of jumps. But it is different from ordinary light laser initially only relies on spontaneousemission within a very short period of time, subsequent process determined entirely by stimulated emission of radiation, laser has a very pure colors, almost no divergence of directivity, high luminous intensity and high coherence.

Laser cutting is a high power density of the laser focused energy to achieve. In computer of control Xia, through pulse makes laser discharge, to output by control of repeat high frequency of Pulse Laser, formed must frequency, must pulse wide of beam, the pulse laser beam after light road conduction and the reflection and through focused lens group focused in processing objects of surface Shang, formed a subtle of, and high energy density spot, coke spot is located in stay processing surface near, to moments high temperature melting or gasification was processing material. Each laser pulse with high energy moment surfaces sputtered out a small hole in the computer under the control of laser head and the material to be processed by pre-drawing continuous relative motion graphics packed, this objectwill be processed into the desired shape.

Process parameters of cutting (cutting speed, laser power and gas pressure) and the trajectories are controlled by CNC system, slotted in a slag be auxiliary gas blowing pressure.

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