New Mobile Screen Protector Making Machine

- May 29, 2020-

In 2020, Huansheng launched the professional cutting machine for the mobile phone film industry. We can select the required mobile phone model according to customer requirements to cut the film. Our new mobile phone film cutting equipment uses WIFI to connect to the cloud database. There are more than 3000 mobile phone models to choose from, including mobile phone front film, mobile phone back film, and tablet screen . 4 cutting pressure levers, the pressure can be adjusted digitally, and the multi-function integrated knife holder can be adjusted in depth according to the thickness of the material. The touch screen is pre-installed with mobile phone membrane cutting software, which is convenient and simple to operate.

We are the supplier of cutting machine for mobile screen protector,before most customers use  laser cutting machine for mobile film. Now time to update into MYCUT mobile film cutter.If you need check the price of mobile screen protector cutter, please contact us freely.

Mobile skin cutter

cloud database

Mobile skin cutter

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