MYCUT Shows Camera Scan For Cutting Reflectivie Film, Big Scucess In Sign China

- Nov 05, 2018-

Huang Sheng attended Sign China Shanghai during 19-21 of September, it is a huge success.

We have two booths; one is WI, D82, especially for mycut cutting plotter, the other is W4, E40, for talent cutting plotters, total occupies 36 square meters.

In this fair, we have 6 sales in the fair, 4 for domestic market, 2 for international market, all of them got a lot of potential customers, and it is a big harvest.

In this year, we bring new cutting plotters, which is camera scan. Camera scan in comparison with optical eye scan, it is more stable, and it is designed especially for cutting reflective film, and enjoyed really good feedback from the customers. One customer from Australia ordered 2 sets in the spot.

And customers generally coming from Southeast Asia, Middle east, Central America and South America, etc,  which including Indonesia, Japan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Colombia. Some customers are in advertising industry, some are in printing industry. For roughly estimation, around more than 1200 customers visited our booth. Hope our sales after the fair, can quickly get in touch with this customers, and finalize the order, let customer actually know our product and broad our product’s fame.

Here we attach some photos for your reference:






Huan Sheng attended a lot of fairs every year, our moto is keeping developing new products, always keep up the new technology, providing most quality products, growing with customers together.

My dear customers, see you next year.

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