How To Choose Cutting Plotter

- Mar 25, 2019-



How to choose cutting plotter to give you a reference:

1. What is the footprint of the plotter / Vinyl cutter?

Before buying, be sure to determine if your workplace will be able to put the next cutting plotter / Vinyl cutter. Length and width High must be clear.

2. What are the communication interface modes of the cutting plotter?

The commonly used interface modes of the plotting machine are 232 serial port, USB interface and WIFI wireless output interface.Most computers now use a nine-pin serial output. So be sure to understand your computer first.

Whether it has a serial port.

3. What is the maintenance cost after the insurance?

After the warranty machine has passed the warranty period, the cost of repairing once varies from tens of yuan to several hundred yuan. The better the word-of-mouth lettering machine, the lower the maintenance cost, the lower the maintenance cost of the brand. Therefore, many users who bought a cheap cutting plotter are very scary after the machine is broken.

4. on the accuracy of the plotter / Vinyl cutter.

Checking a plotter is good, the most important indicator is the fineness and walking of the small print Paper accuracy. The smaller the engraved word, the longer the paper is, and the more accurate it is, the higher its accuracy.

Therefore, through the above four points, you can basically decide what kind of machine to buy, price,

Appearance, brand, operating language, processor, etc. must have a rough budget, recommend buying high-end

Some, because you are within three or five years, you do not need to change the machine. If you just buy a machine 


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