Fiber Laser Cutting Machine The Larger The Power, The Larger The Cutting Thickness

- Nov 03, 2017-

Many people think that fiber laser cutting machine belongs to the category of cutting machine, and the use of imported lasers, cutting range should be very wide, the effect should be a lot better than other methods, in fact, cutting machine also has a special kind of points, each kind of cutting machine has his advantages and disadvantages, the following detailed analysis.

First of all, the fiber laser cutting machine belongs to the metal laser cutting machine processing category, so can only cut metal, can not cut cloth, leather, stone and other non-metallic, the reason is very simple, fiber laser cutting machine wavelength range is not in the absorption range of the above materials, or absorption is not suitable to achieve the ideal cutting effect, at present, The advantages of non-metallic cutting are not obvious, of course, there is the possibility of developing this demand in the future;

Second, fiber laser cutting machine does not recommend long-term cutting aluminum, copper and other rare metals, because these materials belong to high reflective material (note: High reflective and plate cutting surface smoothness is not related, mainly because the wavelength of the laser is not the ideal absorption range of these materials, the absorption effect is not good, most of the energy is reflected back, Easy to damage the front of the laser head protection lens, long-term use effect is not good, but also increase the use of supplies;

Finally, the fiber laser cutting machine, according to its power size, cutting thick bottom also with the change, the greater the power, the larger the cutting thickness, the thinner the metal materials, cutting speed, fiber laser cutting machine for thin plate cutting advantage is very obvious.

1 Cutting Technology advanced

The cutting principle used in this new type of fiber laser cutting machine is a high-performance laser cutter, in the process of cutting, lasers emit countless high performance, high-energy laser rays, which produce huge energy that can instantly vaporize the surface of the cut, which can easily be removed from the very hard interface. At present this craft also belongs to the most advanced one kind of cutting craft, no other cutting process can go beyond it, and this cutting process in the process of cutting the speed is very fast, you can instantly very thick steel plate easily cut, and the precision of the cutting is very accurate, cutting the cross-section accuracy can reach a few millimeters, Can fully meet some of the high requirements of cutting requirements.

2 cutting performance is very stable

The laser cutter in the process of cutting, the use of the most stable world-class lasers, the lifetime of the laser for several years, and in the use of the process in addition to human factors, almost no system itself, so even if the laser cutting machine under the pressure of a long period of work, There will be no vibrations or other adverse effects.

3 Mechanical operation process is very convenient

In our use of fiber laser cutting machine process, all the information transmission and energy transmission is transmitted through optical fiber, in this way to carry out the greatest benefit is to save a lot of human and material resources, in the transmission process will not produce any optical path leakage phenomenon. And without making any adjustments to the light path before using the device, you can easily transfer the energy to the laser.

4 The machine itself is small in size.

This laser cutter has only one of its core components, that is, laser emitting lasers, and the production of lasers is very small, not like other types of cutting products occupy a lot of space, so the overall volume of the machine will be reduced a lot, Whether in the process of mechanical production or transport, we can reduce a lot of human and material resources.

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