How to find MYCUT MK series plugin from coreldraw

- Nov 17, 2017 -

For mycut MK sereis, it has a special plugin for coreldraw.

Normally after install the plugin,you will find a M icon mycut coreldraw plugin 03.pngon your coreldraw desktop. But sometimes you don't find it, the follow shows how to find the M icon ,the plugin for coreldraw of MYCUT MK sereis.

Step 1. Install the plugin in CD.

Step 2.Open your coreldraw ,click the tool---Options---Customization---Commands----Macros.

coreldraw plugin for mycut vinyl cutter.jpg

After click Macros, you will find the follow

MYCUT plugin.png.

Step 3. Drag the Ver001.mycut to the desktop. And click ok.

Step 4. On your desk shop you will find mycut  plugin for coreldraw.

mycut coreldraw plugin 03.png

OK, install the plugin succeeful.

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