Blade For Mobile Screen Protector Cutting Machine

Blade For Mobile Screen Protector Cutting Machine

Blade for cutter plotter and mobile screen protector cutting machine.

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Product Details

MYCUT Blade for cutter plotter and mobile screen protector cutting machine.

Suitable for Roland blade holder, widly used in MYCUT cutting plotter, mycut mobile screen protector cutting machine.

Materials with ultra - hardness, carbide, super - toughness, longer wear and edge grinding with ultrafine polishing, edge more.

The top quality of the blade, not ordinary , there's a marked difference.Suitable for Nano 9H glass screen protector , anti-explosion film and TPU films. UV printed back film of mobile phone.

30°blades are predominantly used for cuting very thin window tint and mylar materials. normal vinyl.

45°blades are the standard blade that comes with most vinyl cutters. They are recommended for all standard cast and calandered vinyls as well as other thin materials such as ThermoFlex Plus. The normally 4 layers TPU film suitable for this blade too.

60°blades are recommended for thicker materials such as Nano glass, anti-explosion film. reflective films, flock and twill materials and also sand-blast resist.


Material: hard alloy 

Diameter(Outer): approx.11.5mm/0.45" 

Diameter(Inner ): approx.1.5mm/0.059" 

Length(Clamp to down): approx.33mm/1.29" 

Length of holder: 51.8mm 

mycut blade for cutter

How to change blade from cutting machine

change blade blade holder for cutter

We have different kinds of blade holder, the blade suitable for both.

5*30 Degree Blades for one box
5*45 Degree Blades for  one box
5*60 Degree Blades for one box
Suitable for: Plotter cutter,cutting plotter,vinyl cutter,MYCUT all cutting machines

Blade should not extend too long,generally the same depth as the material you want to cut.  

When problem arise the blade holder,try a drop of oil in the bearing and rotate the blade several times to lubricate, if still unresolved, consider replacing the blade holder.

For TPU films, the blade need to change about 400 times. So when place order for our mobile screen protector cutting machine, better take some blade as spare parts.

Huansheng Machinery is one of the leading and professional manufacturers and suppliers of blade for mobile screen protector cutting machine in China, which is equipped with a productive and professional factory. As a famous brand, you can rest assured to buy our equipment.
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