Better Cutting Effect Than Protection Pro Mobile Screen Protector Making Machine

Better Cutting Effect Than Protection Pro Mobile Screen Protector Making Machine

MYCUT screen protector making machine MT180 Mobile Screen Protector cutter with high precision,suitable to tailored screen protection.Better cutting effect than protectionpro.

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Product Details


Better cutting effect than protectionpro screen protector making machine

Specification of mobile screen protector cutting machine

Cutting width19cm
cutting speedmax 800mm/s
cutting forcemax 600g
connection wayWIFI
control wayapp from mobile
cutting film typeTPU, PET, Nano glass, Anti-explosion
products type in appmobile screen protector, back film, tablet screen protector etc
color availablewhite, blue, green and gray

Why choose MYCUT mobile screen protector cutter

MYCUT mobile screen protector cutter vs   Protectionpro  

Advantages of MYCUT screen protector cutter

  1. Suitable to cut TPU hydrogel film, Nano glass film, Anti-explosion film. Max cutting force 600g

  2. Aluminum alloy body,The structure is more stable, when cutting thick materials, such as Nano glass, anti-explosion film ,the effect is better

  3. Cut cut any brand of mobile screen protector. Or you can customized  only cut a brand of mobile phone screen protector. It's depends on you.

Disadvantage of protectionpro mobile screen protector

  1. can only cut their brand of mobile screen protector , can't cut other brands of material

  2. not suitable to cut very thick material, such as Nano glass.

  3. For small round holes, the cutting accuracy is not high enough

Cutting process of mycut mobile screen protector cutting machine

app of mobile screen protector

MYCUT intelligent mobile screen protector cutting machine detail


Certificate of mycut mobile screen protector cutter

CE for mobile screen protector cutting machine

Company information

Shenzhen Huansheng Machinery Co. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of cutting plotter in China. We are the pioneer to make automatic contour cut vinyl cutter in China from 2015,and upgrade from 4 marks into multi-marks for automatic contour cut. We upgrade from laser sensor into CCD camear from year 2018. Opened a new horizon.

As a leader in the cutter plotter industry, We have expanded the application of cutting plotters. In 2019, we combined the material of mobile phone protective film and developed a cutting device dedicated to mobile phone protective film.

Our mobile screen protector cutter get high reputation from customers from accuracy and stability.

We will continue to expand the application field of cutting machine.

With strong R&D team,we can offer OEM and ODM service for customers from hardware to software.

Complied with ISO9001, with strict quality inspection system, including incoming inspection, random inspection during the process, 48 hours aging ,100% testing before delivery our products quality are highly guaranteed.

With strict quality control system, prompt delivery, great services, our brand “MYCUT”” Talent “ have domestic and overseas distribution network and expanded over 200 global distributors, which widely spread over North America, Europe ,South America, Middle East and Asia

Production line of mobile screen protector cutting machine


huansheng 03


  1. Which app do you use?

      A: The app is cloudcutter, support both IOS and Andriod.

  2. How many mobile models do you have?

     A: More than 4000.

  3.  Can you update the mobile templates?

     A: Yes, we will update the mobile templates free.

  4. Do you support mobile screen protector film?

    A: Yes, we have partner of mobile screen protector factory, we can offer whole solutions.

  5. Can it cut tempered glass?

   A: Yes, it can cut tempered glass, but not suggest cut . Because if cut the tempered glass, there will be a white border when attaching a film to the phone .

Contact information

Sales Manager: Carl.Liao

Mobile/wechat/whatsapp: 008615889300925


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